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                           BRING TOTAL UNITY AROUND THE WORLD

It is common knowledge that the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic originated from Wuhan, China. In the United States alone, more than 548,000 people died and more are still dying to this day. Infection from this virus is still rising.  The economy suffered a great deal which equates to millions of Americans are left unemployed. Millions are left unable to pay bills like mortgages or rent, car payments, buy food, and other basic necessities. Endless human challenges including health care for parents and children, while homelessness dramatically increased. Government tax revenues dried up leaving many with serious budget cuts and deficits.

Worldwide, people are frustrated and angry over what has become of our world. The existence of humanity is the worst we have all seen and still witnessing. Anger and frustration that has turned into violent actions against Asians not only in the United States but around the world.

What can we do as Asian-Americans with this ongoing violence against individuals, groups, or communities? Should we unite and protest against this anger and frustrations around the world? Should we carry those STOP THE HATE placards to protest in every city or community where we live?

As a proud Asian-American with fully developed Global Solutions to improve the existence of Humanity, the Economy, Governments, and our Environment, I strongly believe that protesting against the ongoing violence, anger, and frustrations is totally negative and unproductive. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO PROTEST. The most appropriate action is to plan how we can help our government, cities, communities, neighbors, co-workers, families, and friends. Let us work together with UNITY is our main objective.


I am currently introducing a PREVENTION SYSTEM as part of my Global Solutions. All these solutions are available now at I fully guarantee that no one else can develop neither any government can offer these solutions.

It is not enough to simply create another law that will penalize anyone who will physically attack another Asian or anyone else, here in the United States or anywhere else.

There is a big difference in imposing penalties for anyone who will Physically Attack vs Preventing Any Physically or Verbally Attack anyone, Asian or otherwise.