Three major objectives:


The United States Government’s Debt is currently $ 28.061 trillion as of March 2021. It is estimated that this debt would become $ 45.190 trillion by 2024.
Approximately $ 90 trillion by 2050. The United States Department of Defense will be negatively affected by huge government debts.

The United States is still fighting an active war in Afghanistan, and will never win. Cannot fully defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq – provide lasting security in either of the two.
Playing a low-level role against extremists and terrorists in other parts of the world.

DOD Modernization Program will provide the following:

1) Tactical capabilities to fully understand – Afghanistan War (Strengths and Weaknesses of both: the US Military and Taliban;

2) A minimum of $200 billion annual funding over the budget provided by the government. The source/s of this $200 billion will be explained/demonstrated by way of
educational workshop/conferences ( 1 – 4 days). This $200 billion will be provided as follows:

     First Priority – Navy – to build more ships, update all existing ships; provide consistent full maintenance; enlist more men/women; improve education, family benefits like housing,

                                                  salaries and other benefits and healthcare.

     Second Priority – Marine Corp – enlist more men/women; update all existing aircraft; provide more aircraft; provide better training; provide the corps and their families educational

                                                                     benefits, housing, better salaries, and benefits including healthcare.

      Third Priority – Department of Veterans Affairs – to totally eliminate homelessness and unemployment of all military veterans.

      Fourth Priority – As part of comprehensive national security of the United States, update all U.S. Coast Guard’s outdated vessels, aircraft;
eliminate outdated vessels/aircraft to be replaced with the latest equipment/weapons/ammunition; provided additional
US Coast Guard Stations, enlist more men/women to provide comprehensive security of U.S. coasts. This is approximately $25 billion annually.

       Fifth Priority – Air Force and Army.

The ultimate objective is to make sure that the United States of America will always have the best military in the world.

This program was developed in 2014 and currently available for presentation and immediate implementation by the U.S. Government.