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U.S. DOD Modernization 

Today, August 25, 2021, after spending trillions of dollars in Afghanistan, the civilian and military lives that were sacrificed, the veterans that are facing a lifetime of cost and personal challenges, the heartbreaking homelessness and unemployment,  the thousands of Afghans, Americans, and allies that are being evacuated with just a few days from the deadline, I am introducing, this Modernization Program that I personally designed for the entire Department of Defense and all related departments like the Department of Defense and many others. I have seen, read, and learned enough about the sacrifices of American military families.

This Modernization Program will be the first-ever and the only one that all military families must learn to eliminate non-sense bureaucratic red tape in Washington, DC totally.

It will be totally up to those leaders in the military to act on this modernization program or continue the weakening and demoralization of the entire U.S. Military Men, Women, and all their families.

Whatever the White House, Congress, and Senate provide annually, the following budget allocations will not be provided using taxpayer money.

FINANCES – Budget allocations: $445.00 BILLION ($900 BILLION TO $1.3 BILLION U.S. ALONE)

      1.  Department of the Navy – minimum of $150 billion annually to build more ships and manpower and training;

      2.  U.S. Air Force – minimum of $120 billion annually for additional transport and fighter planes; recruitment/training of additional personnel; lead the world in eliminating nuclear

      3. U.S. Army – minimum of $ 50 billion annually to upgrade and purchase additional vessels, airplanes, equipment, arms, ammunition, manpower/training of additional personnel;

      4.  U. S. Marine Corps – minimum of $30 billion annually to upgrade and purchase additional vessels, airplanes, equipment, arms, ammunition, manpower/training;

      5.  U. S. Coast Guard – minimum of $35 billion annually (please see my Department of Homeland Security Modernization Program)

       6. U. S. Military Family Members Modernization Program – minimum $60 billion annually.

This would be the first in the entire history of the United States Armed Forces; this modernization program is designed to achieve:

Tactical Capabilities:

To protect our men and women in the military, anywhere they are or whichever mission/s, I am introducing: RE-MO MILITARY STRATEGIES designed to eliminate COUNTERTERRORISM totally. This is specifically designed for all UNCONVENTIONAL wars/missions anywhere in the world i.e.: Afghanistan war, Somalia, Taliban, ISIS-K, etc. It will protect our men and women in the military, including civilians, and lower risks and costs.

For more information on how I developed the entire program and, most importantly, the source/s of this modernization program, you may order and read my latest book “Strategies for Trump’s Strong America,” currently available on amazon. I wrote and published this book with the hope that then-President Trump would be interested in helping America in a more meaningful way, particularly the entire Department of Defense, Veterans, and all military families. President Biden will now have the opportunity to implement all of the above.


Daniel Ver
Developer – Global Government Modernization Program
Developer – Police Modernization Program & Solutions