The Paris Climate Change Deal was signed in December of 2015 by leaders from 195 countries to keep global warming “well below 2C [3.6˚ F] and signal the end of fossil fuels”. The target date is 2050 when man-made emissions could be reduced to a level that forests and oceans can absorb.

Participants will be able to understand our simple presentation and demonstration of the following:


We are now witnessing the negative impacts of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and how it is affecting the very existence of human life. Most importantly, it is severely damaging the global financial capabilities of governments, individuals, families, and businesses around the world. Canter, Inc. cannot solve the Coronavirus pandemic. However, this fully developed GLOBAL MODERN POLICE REFORM is our strategy in PREVENTING global economic recession. This Government Modernization Program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop hurting the human race, economy, and environment now and for future generations.

The implementation of this Global Modern Police Reform Program is very important to our world and it is available now.

You will find the details of the development from this book currently available on amazon – The Ultimate Solution to Climate Change