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By studying homelessness in many countries and continents, Daniel Ver developed a modern solution that will not require the need for the taxpayer or non-profit money. Providing shelter for people who are homeless is not the answer. Rather, it is merely a Band-Aid fix that is NOT sustainable. It is just like providing fish instead of teaching people to fish. Aside from the United States, this Modern Solution to Homelessness applies to other Resource-Rich Countries (RRCs). Our simple solution is Modern Government System, and we are ready to provide you with our presentation and guidance to implement.

Our latest update:

In California, the so-called “mansion tax”  will increase the population of homeless people in the City of Los Angeles. The new Mayor, Karen Bass, promised solutions to homelessness (hotel/inn),
Violence prevention, racial tension, and economic development will never materialize. All it would take is one or more days of interactive presentation/workshop/training to understand fully this Modern Homelessness Solution, Course #220.

The government must stop looking at the wealthy (millionaires/billionaires) as the answer to this growing problem!

The following options are available for Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass:

  1. Consider our live in-person interactive presentation/workshop/training to learn Modern Homelessness Solution;
  2. There is no need to implement the Los Angeles “mansion tax” to eliminate homelessness totally
  3. Learn our Modern Police System for LAPD – this will bring unity in Los Angeles (eliminate the gap between law enforcement and black/other people of color);
  4. Learn how to generate revenue to lower taxes and prevent a budget deficit (long or short-term, depending on our arrangement);
  5. Learn why LA Vision Zero is a complete failure and a waste of taxpayers’ money;

For Los Angeles Real Estate companies, Commercial Property Owners, and Private Property Owners:

1. Educating yourselves is the best way to protect you from unnecessary high taxes like the “mansion tax.”
2. A few hours of live in-person presentation/workshop/training is all you need
3. You can also partner with Canter, Inc. to represent your company to educate your local government officials