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CANTER Consulting, Inc. offers the proper analysis and strategies for the war in Afghanistan, designed to win, cut cost and achieve safety for civilians and troops


For the last 12 years, the War in Afghanistan has burdened taxpayers to the tune of several hundred billion dollars. The civilian and military casualties, along with the lack of proper strategies to achieve long-term positive end results, are the contributing negative factors dividing our leaders in government and the American people.

Our government leaders are inching toward another debt ceiling increase. On top of this, sequestration is affecting thousands of jobs and lives, while many states and cities are still reeling from budget cuts, deficits, and bankruptcies. The Afghanistan War must be resolved expeditiously (with a proper strategy), before the end of the year.

The president of this company studied insurgency in Asia for more than 50 years and was able to pinpoint the weaknesses of the U.S. military and its allies. Incorrect objectives could mean incorrect strategies, resulting in the following:

1) Lack of insurgency understanding leading to the use of conventional military strategies.

2) The implementation of costly and ineffective equipment to fight IEDs, instead of using strategies.

3) Inability to prevent green-on-blue attacks, prompting greater military casualties.

4) The unnecessary long-term separation of military troops from their families.

5) The ultimate prize of sequestration in the entire U.S. Military, negatively affecting defense contractor’s jobs, military families, military jobs, and furloughs for thousands of civilian employees.

6) The possibility that pulling out of Afghanistan without the proper strategy would result in negative repercussions, both short and long term, for the United States and its allies.

To achieve the proper analysis and strategy for the War in Afghanistan, the following must be learned:

1) Government leaders, including the military and intelligence agencies, must first understand insurgency.

2) With that understanding, “fighting” can be replaced with “control.” This will drastically reduce both military and civilian casualties.

3) Learn about the RE-MO Isolation System to totally stop green-on-blue attacks.

4) Eliminate the long-term separation of military troops from their families.

5) Neutralize IEDs by using strategies instead of costly, ineffective equipment.

6) Reduce the cost of the war by approximately 80% to 90% and achieve a greater level of military
and civilian safety.

7) Learn the difference between a general “pull out of Afghanistan” and a more specific “strategic pull out of Afghanistan.”

8) Learn our 5-Step Solution and RE-MO Isolation System. There is no one from the military with this capability.

All of these strategies are designed to totally eliminate sequestration for the entire U.S. Military and continue modernization to attain a balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region.