For the first time after World War II – and even before the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic – the European Union, the United States, and other countries find themselves

in an unstable financial predicament. A few major challenges that require careful attention and immediate solutions include Poverty, Unemployment, Economic Situation,

Rising Prices/Inflation, Crime, Health, and Social Security, Immigration, Gun Violence, Terrorism, Pension Liabilities, Rising Taxes, Lack of Housing, Environmental Protection,

Defense, and Government Debts/Budget Deficits/Budget Cuts.

Unlike global leaders, researchers, scientists, and other professionals who have failed to provide appropriate solutions, with my 33 plus years of global researches, I was able to identify
the root causes of these serious problems. Fortunately, I was also able to develop the world’s first Government Modernization Programs to solve all of the above problems. With these
solutions and programs, we will be able to improve the existence of Humanity, the Economy, the Government’s outdated systems, and most importantly, our Environment.


My immediate objective is to find organizations or governments that are still in the process of researching and spending millions of dollars for many years now, and are still unable to find
the right solutions.

I would like to introduce the proper way to:

a) Prevent all types of violent crimes, from gun violence, mass shootings, terrorism, extremism, domestic violence, etc.
b) How to eliminate homelessness, without using taxpayer’s money.
c) Explain and demonstrate how unknowingly, the current system of the government is actually contributing to the increase in poverty.
d) Explain and demonstrate why the prison system is actually designed to increase its population and what is the proper way to reverse it.
e) Explain and demonstrate why and how without all of the above, diversity, protection of minorities including LGBT, Black, and other people of color will never happen.
f) Explain and demonstrate why the political leader’s passing a law prohibiting and penalizing hatred and violent acts against Asians is not good enough.
g) How to enable governments to reduce debts, and budget deficits – without raising taxes.
h) How to fully fund education, without the need to keep on increasing taxes.
i) Provide the proper solutions or strategies to help the people from Northern Triangle Countries of North America, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras,
who are fleeing their respective countries due to violence and growing poverty.
j) Explain and demonstrate why political leaders who are promising to fix Climate Change by 2050 are totally wrong! You will learn how to prevent Climate Change Now!


I can offer live-in-person presentations, instructions, workshops, or conferences anywhere in the United States and Canada. Without this Government Modernization Programs and Solutions
the current and future global leaders will all be following the old and outdated systems of our governments