Depending on the review and acceptance of Concern Worldwide, a Global Humanitarian Organization, the following are the financial and social benefits for Ireland:

    1. Government of Ireland Debt – to reduce this debt without raising taxes;
    2. Introduce the Modern Way to End Homelessness, without the need to use taxpayer’s money;
    3. Ireland’s 12.5% corporate tax rate – About 130 countries including the United States are now pressuring the Government of Ireland to increase this rate to 15%. I will explain and demonstrate how this will hurt not only the people of Ireland but also all other 130 countries. I will provide the proper way to protect the Government of Ireland and the Irish people and how to protect the financial and social interest by reducing the rate down to 10%;
    4. How the Government of Ireland and Concern Worldwide will be able to lead the world in providing the immediate solution to Climate Change, without necessarily eliminating fossil fuel;
    5. How to provide reasonable pensions for the Irish people, with minimal use of taxpayer’s money;
    6. Job creation in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19, without using taxpayer’s money;
    7. Increase healthcare benefits for less cost to both citizens and government of Ireland;
    8. How all of the above will drastically reduce poverty in Ireland.
    9. By using Dublin, Ireland’s Convention Center to introduce this Government Modernization Programs, the following are the sources of revenues: