VIOLENCE PREVENTION SYSTEM (Foreign or Domestic Gun Violence, Mass Shootings, Terrorism, Smash-And-Grab-Robberies)


Introduction to the world’s first Violence Prevention System: Participants will learn why global governments are powerless in preventing violent crimes, such as gun violence, mass shootings, and terrorism. You will also learn why close to 300 police officers are killed annually while in the line of duty or by suicide. Here are some examples:

2016 – 161 officers

2017 – 135 officers

2018 – 147 officers

A very important challenge is the number of active or retired police officers who committed suicide:

2016 – 140 officers

2017 – 159 officers

2018 – 159 officers

Ever since September 11, 2001, global military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies have been incapable of preventing terrorism. Political leaders are divided regarding gun control; thus, dividing the American people as well. The Canadian Prime Minister’s latest challenge was the mass shooting in the province of Nova Scotia. The Prime Minister’s immediate action was to make it illegal to own military‑style weapons in the country. Law-abiding Canadians will definitely comply. Unfortunately, criminals will neither comply nor surrender their military‑style firearms.

A prevention system is the only answer and, fortunately, it is included in this Government Modernization Program. It is applicable to about 90% of governments around the world.